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Book Blether Awards Non Fiction

Here is the second category for the end of year #SundayMorningBookBlether Awards and yet again I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the Twitter book community. This time there has been over 75 nominations which is a bit unwieldy to say the least. I have taken a small number of books off the list and just focussed on books that are for children, however this still gives me 75 books (and I'm worried I may have missed some).

So what I have decided to do for this category is ask you to vote from the 'Long List' which I will then use to create a short list. I will then post that list and ask you to vote again for the award. There are so many great books here it really shows the amazing quality of non fiction texts for children in recent years.

It is too much work to detail all of the books here like I did with the 'Hidden Gems' category so instead I have put the Twitter thread and the Wakelet so you can take a look yourself should you want to know what some of these books look like. If you want to know more about any of them a simple Google search should help-but they have all been nominated by knowledgeable people who are passionate about reading for pleasure.

Apologies to anyone whose nominations have been missed off the list, and also apologies for any spelling mistakes on books or authors.

Here is the Wakelet if you want to look at the individual nominations without having to scroll through the entire thread.

Last but not least: please vote for as many of the books as you want to and help me sort out a short list. The books are split into 3 sections of 25 just to make it slightly easier to scan through them but are sorted in no particular order.

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